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Annexo also offers Frigidaire repair services in Atlanta, Dublin, and Dallas. Our Frigidaire repair services include all kitchen and laundry appliances. Our Frigidaire repair services are satisfactory and economical. With the special knowledge of your modern kitchen and laundry appliance, our experts quickly diagnose complex issues and solve them within time. 

You can trust on Annexo for Frigidaire services. Save yourself from high energy bills of laundry and kitchen appliances, safety issues, and inconvenient breakdown by the professionals of Annexo.

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We Fix your GE appliances problems at an affordable cost! Prompt, friendly service is guaranteed

Where is our Frigidaire Repair Services?

If you have appliances that are not working now, then it means that they will work one day soon and there will be a time when they will start to malfunction. We can repair the Frigidaire refrigerator, dryer and washing machine. Furthermore, our Frigidaire repair services are available in Dublin, Atlanta, and Dallas. If you are worried about appliance repairing issues then forget about it just call us. We use original spare parts while repairing your appliances. 

When you call us:

You can’t fix your appliance yourself, if your appliances are showing the following problems, you need our assistant. 

  • Smelly refrigerator and washing machine, 
  • Inefficient washing machine and refrigerator
  • Power turn on issues in appliances
  • Not appropriate functioning of appliances. 

How Often Do Frigidaire Appliances Need Repair?

Every appliance has a different life span, and it depends upon the quality of appliances so there is no universal lifetime of appliances. One study showed that homeowners spend an average of $1,300 every year on appliance maintenance and repair costs. Furthermore, after 10 to 15 years old you have to need appliance repair. 

Frigidaire Appliance Repair Pricing

$ 65
  • Full appliance diagnostic
  • Detailed estimate
  • No additional charges
  • Free tripped breaker labor
  • Free clogged sewage repair
  • No hidden fees with estimate
$ 85-450
  • Refrigerator repair: $120-$450
  • Dishwasher repair: $110-$180
  • Microwave repair: $85-$150
  • Washer/Dryer Repair: $110-$200
  • Oven range repair: $110-$210
$ 95-135
  • Dish washer: $95
  • Oven: $120
  • Refrigerator: $120
  • Dryer: $135
  • Washer: $120
$ 95-200
  • Garbage disposal: $95
  • Microwave: $120-$140
  • Dishwasher: $135
  • Dryer/Washer: $135
  • Double wall oven: $200
  • No hidden fees with estimate

Why Choose Us for Frigidaire Repair?

There are three appliances that every household has: refrigerator, microwave ovens, and washing machines which may require a professional appliance repair. It is really a basic need for each of the homeowners to have their appliances in good shape so that the household work could be performed effectively. when appliances are not working any longer do you should throw them away and acquire new ones. But another solution is you have to hire a reputable appliances Frigidaire repair. 

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