GE Appliance Repair Service

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GE Appliance Repair Service

At GE appliance repair service, we offer the best technical assistance and problem-solving approach. We take your issues seriously and aim at providing the service in hours, not in days. We have certified technical staff that is trained and equipped to fix critical types of machinery like refrigerators, washing machines, dryer machines, microwave ovens, and dishwashers.

So, you can trust us with your technical staff and the cleanliness of your home. We will leave the house as clean as you keep it. On top of that, we will charge based on the services we provide. So, feel free to contact us or schedule an appointment to have your machines repaired in hours.

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GE Refrigerator Repair Service:

If your refrigerator is not freezing things like before, you need some technical help. So, our expert technicians are 24/7 ready to fix critical machines like your refrigerator. You might have issues with its compressor or wiring. In all such cases, you can rely on our GE refrigerator repair service. In addition, we provide fixers and repair parts as well, with a 5 years warranty. So, give us a call if you need to get your top/bottom freezer fixed at affordable rates.  

GE dryer repair service:

Well, a dryer is not less than a luxury in all kinds of weather. But, you need help if your dryer is making weird noises and smelling like wires. First of all, do not use it anymore until it gets fixed. Our GE appliance repair service is all set to resolve the issue. Our technicians are fully qualified for GE dryer repair service. You can trust us with your big appliances and the cleanliness of your home.

GE washing machine repair service:

We understand that you can’t do without your washing machine. So, if your washer is giving a hard time doing the laundry, or it’s taking hours to complete one round. Then, you need professionals like GE washing machine repair service. It will take hours for us to resolve the issue and it will get running smoothly. You will see the charges best suited for your repair service as we do not believe in overcharging to make extra money.

GE Samsung appliance repair:

Our experts are fully trained to repair technical issues in top machinery. Along with LG and Whirlpool, we also provide the best services for big Samsung appliances. We realize how vital these things are for your lifestyle. So, call us with any of your queries or repair issues. GE’s appliance repair service will do the task efficiently without causing any trouble.

GE Appliance Repair Pricing

$ 65
  • Full appliance diagnostic
  • Detailed estimate
  • No additional charges
  • Free tripped breaker labor
  • Free clogged sewage repair
  • No hidden fees with estimate
$ 85-450
  • Refrigerator repair: $120-$450
  • Dishwasher repair: $110-$180
  • Microwave repair: $85-$150
  • Washer/Dryer Repair: $110-$200
  • Oven range repair: $110-$210
$ 95-135
  • Dish washer: $95
  • Oven: $120
  • Refrigerator: $120
  • Dryer: $135
  • Washer: $120
$ 95-200
  • Garbage disposal: $95
  • Microwave: $120-$140
  • Dishwasher: $135
  • Dryer/Washer: $135
  • Double wall oven: $200
  • No hidden fees with estimate

Why Choose Our Repair Service

At GE appliance repair, we are not running a money-making business. Instead, we rely on our values and problem-solving approach. So, we aim at offering the best and long-term service within hours of your call. Also, we use genuine repair parts and tools to fix your machinery. Our professional service and competitive pricing are the deal-breaker for you.

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