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Do You Have Problems With Your Valuable Appliances?

Get our professional repairing services in the vicinity areas of Georgia

Whether it’s a matter of living residence or the businesses, appliance repair is an inevitable emergency. That’s why at Annexo, we understand the need for fast and reliable repairing services. From coastal beaches to farmlands to brook mountains, our services are available all over the major location of Georgia, including Atlanta, Augusta Richmond County, Roswell, Griffin, and more in the surrounding areas.

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Jon Jakubowski
Jon Jakubowski
@Jon Jakubowski
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The phone call was impressive as I spoke to a friendly lady. Then within the time set for the appt. Richard arrived, listened to my concern, and went right to work. He figured the issue out within 15 mins. I said how long for the parts to come in? He said " I carry many parts," and fixed it right on the spot. He's fair on price point for his visit and repair. He saved me from buying a new dryer. He also delivers on his work if something goes wrong he will come back and won't charge. Also, his parts have a warranty which is better. I highly Recommend Richard and the services he provides. - Jon
Araz Süleymanli
Araz Süleymanli
@Araz Süleymanli
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Highly Recommend! They are offering Professional appliance repair services in Dallas TX. Great customer service, professional tools for repair, and quick appliance repair before the expected time. ☺️ Happy to choose them.
Matt Toney
Matt Toney
@Matt Toney
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Richard was extremely knowledgeable and professional. He knows appliances and was super helpful in getting our dishwasher challenges diagnosed properly. He went above and beyond to track down a needed part. Now a days everything is computerized. Richard worked with my wife and treated her kind and polite which goes along way. I recommend him. He is honest and fair and cares. Matt “McKinney” TX

Why should you trust us?

Trusting someone with your hard-earned and valuable home appliances is a demanding task. Our take on this matter is to provide you with trustable and affordable repair services. Our Annexo technicians in Georgia  are all set to follow your busy schedule and commands. Moreover, we take you and your family’s safety much more seriously. We aim to leave a positive impact on you. So, you can trust us for the following benefits:

  • Dedicated and problem solving qualified experts
  • No surprise charges, just the accurate amount
  • A one-year guarantee for parts and our services
  • A mess-free worksite
  • No extra charges if it takes longer than expected

Our technical team is highly professional, trained, clean, trustworthy, and kind enough to assist you further. We take pride in living and serving in the major parts of Georgia. 

Our work speaks for itself

Indeed, it is hard to trust someone with your delicate home devices. But, our dedication and qualification are evident from our excellent customer reviews. Yes, we aim to leave a positive mark on your memory so that you won’t think twice whenever you need our services in Georgia and the neighborhood. At Annexo, our sales volume and customer reviews speak for themselves.  

Furthermore, our highly certified professionals are ever ready to fix your home electronics-related issues. Be it your washer, dryer, oven, refrigerator, or dishwasher- you can count on us at any hour you need our services. For instance, we realize that your refrigerator needs more expert care than any other device in your home. So, we take your problem as ours and respond to you on a single call. All you have to do is call us at +1(833) 264- 7565. 

Our experts are highly qualified to fix and assist with your kitchen, laundry, and other home appliances. Tell us about your busy schedule, and we’ll figure a way out for you. Don’t wait around for a minute to call us and tell us about your problem. We’ll come up with the best solution for your situation in Georgia.