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The health of your home’s many appliances is crucial to keeping your home a comfortable, well-functioning place to live. Even something as small as a broken washing machine or a leaky dishwasher can throw a wrench in your plans and keep your family from establishing a comfortable routine at home. At Annexo Appliance, we work hard for our clients to repair their appliances and keep them running in peak condition. 

Annexo Appliance Repairs Are Reliable And Effective:

  • All of our appliance repair technicians are factory-trained to provide the highest quality repair work
  • We have experience working on all major appliance brands.

Areas We Serve

Annexo Appliance is a local company, Though our main facilities are located in Dublin, we gladly travel Atlanta, Dallas to help families with their appliance issues. We’ll go the extra mile (literally) to help you and your family with your appliance repair needs! 

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