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Appliance Repair In Dallas

Annexo Appliance has qualified appliance repair experts in Dallas. Our every appliance repair in Dallas expert has the experience and attends regular appliance repair training to stay up to date on new technology in modern appliance repair. Our specialists are licensed and educated in various equipment repair brands.

Each technician carries a smartphone and tablets with access to particular needs for calibration and the availability of special parts. Our expert of appliance repair in Dallas encounters different issues with dryers every day.

Our specialist will fix the problem and give you a fixed cost before any repairs are carried out. All repairs are guaranteed regardless of how often he has to return, but he wants to fix them on the first visit.

We Fix your GE appliances problems at an affordable cost! Prompt
friendly service is guaranteed

Let’s call us so we repair all appliance in Atlanta and back it on working


Refrigerator and freezer repair
Oven and microwave repair
Icemaker and Winecooler
Dryer and washer repair
Dishwasher repair
Stove/Cooktop and wenthood

Refrigerator Repair in Dallas:

Refrigerators are one of the most focused appliances in the house. In contrast to the washer, dryer, or oven, refrigerators are continually running. So, they must work aptly. At Annexo, we offer service for refrigerator repair in Dallas. Possibly the most widely recognized refrigerator issues we see are add-on: 

  • The refrigerator isn’t cooling 
  • Refrigerator is spilling 
  • Refrigerator ice producer or water dispenser is broken 

What can you expect from us?

Our team of experts is profoundly gifted and exactly realizes how to analyze and repair practically any issue with your refrigerator. It’s our objective to diminish the measure of time you need to look out for refrigerator repair in Dallas as we need it to upset your life as little as could be expected. 

Return to your regular schedule of preparing supper and putting away extras with refrigerator repair services. Allow our experts to get your refrigerator back ready to work in the blink of an eye. Book an arrangement today, on the web, or through the phone. So, one of our master experts will be at your entryway to service your refrigerator repair in Dallas immediately.

Dryer Repair in Dallas:

We’ve all been in a comparative situation: You’re doing a load of clothing that you plan on wearing for the following week, you press “start” on the dryer, and, sadly, it doesn’t begin. So, before you take your garments to the laundromat, plan service for dryer repair in Dallas with Annexo Appliance in Dallas. At Annexo, we’re glad to offer quick and effective dryer repair dallas services throughout the more prominent Dallas region.

Most Common Dryer issues

  • The dryer is not spinning
  • It has no heat 
  • The dryer is not start
  • It is noisy

So, these are the most widely recognized issues we see with dryer repair in Dallas. In case you’re baffled by some of these issues, dryer dissatisfaction. Our talented specialists can show up at your entryway to analyze and resolve the issue as quickly as time permits. We realize you have clothing to get to, and our objective is to get your dryer back good to go rapidly and valuably. We offer dryer repair services all through Dallas. So, book a meeting with us now, and your dryer could be fixed by around evening time.

Washing Machine Repair in Dallas:

Our washing machines carry a great measure of comfort to our lives. So, when they break down or begin to act amusing, it is incredibly disappointing. Many issues are going from not a big deal to massive repairs on a washing machine. And fortunately, Annexo realizes how to determine them all in a matter of moments.

The most recognized issues:

  • Washing machine not cleaning 
  • Spilling over 
  • The washing machine will not start
  • They have no hot water 

So, these are the most widely recognized issues we see with washing machines repair Dallas.

Regardless of whether you’re managing one of these washing machines issues or one we didn’t show. You should plan a help meeting with Annexo to deal with it immediately. Our master experts are educated and prepared to service your washing machine repair in Dallas. Sometimes even around the same time as you find the issues. Also, you can show up at your entryway to determine it immediately. So, book an arrangement today to begin. 

Samsung Appliance Repair in Dallas:

Samsung is possibly the most famous appliances brand selling refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, and more. Also, Samsung appliances can last somewhere in the range of 10-15 years. But have been known to last at least 20 years or even longer. In case you’re winding up having issues with a Samsung appliance Annexo is here to help. We will likely make appliances repair as consistent and speedy as could be expected. 

Quick Response:

Annexo offers helpful Samsung appliance repairs in Dallas with services options quickly as same-day. Call and consult with us today, and we’ll send a specialist expert of Samsung appliance repair in Dallas to your entryway to decide the issue and fix it quickly. So, you can return to your standard everyday routine without delay.

$ 65
  • Full appliance diagnostic
  • Detailed estimate
  • No additional charges
  • Free tripped breaker labor
  • Free clogged sewage repair
  • No hidden fees with estimate
$ 85-450
  • Refrigerator repair: $120-$450
  • Dishwasher repair: $110-$180
  • Microwave repair: $85-$150
  • Washer/Dryer Repair: $110-$200
  • Oven range repair: $110-$210
$ 95-135
  • Dish washer: $95
  • Oven: $120
  • Refrigerator: $120
  • Dryer: $135
  • Washer: $120
$ 95-200
  • Garbage disposal: $95
  • Microwave: $120-$140
  • Dishwasher: $135
  • Dryer/Washer: $135
  • Double wall oven: $200
  • No hidden fees with estimate

Quick Oven Repair Services in Dallas:

Our oven repair specialists at Annexo have to deal with the frustration caused by a broken oven. However, ovens can be an excellent addition to any kitchen. We can give oven repair in Dallas in no time.

  • Annexo repairs can create more problems than they solve.
  • Professional repairs reduce expense
  • Our repairs can often lead to significant problems. Our repairs can lead to disaster.

Our experienced technicians can repair all types of ovens.

  1. Range ovens
  2. Built-in ovens
  3. Gas ovens
  4. Electric ovens
  5. Double ovens
  6. Wall ovens
  1. The burner is not lit.
  2. The oven is getting too hot.
  3. Your oven doesn’t bake properly.
  4. The broiler doesn’t work
  5. It’s not heating up fast enough.
  6. Temperatures could fluctuate.
  7. It’s possible for your microwave not to work correctly or stop heating.
  8. Foods are not heating properly, or they are not heating at any temperature.
  9. Sparks inside your microwave
  10. The microwave turntable plate is not rotating
  11. The microwave lights don’t work.

Annexo microwave-repair service is more than sure that our in-house techs are more capable of solving any microwave problem. In addition, we will repair any microwave brand.

Ge Repair in Dallas:

We are engaged and gifted in dealing with the entirety of your appliance servicing needs for most brands of home appliances. From washing machines and dishwashers to fridge coolers and cookers, our organization consistently hopes to offer completely proficient help. Also, we can offer broad guidance on top of completing the work you require.  Moreover, our quality level and viable pricing imply an incredible decision for whatever repair work you require. So, you can peruse our site for more information, and you can also enquire by calling us. 

We are prepared to accept your call, so don’t spare a moment to call Appliance services for Ge repair in Dallas. Do not worry about the results because we will be your wise choice as we have experts and satisfied clients. Further, Your satisfaction is our responsibility, and this is what we are working on. We are providing our services for Ge repair in Dallas of all important and reliable brands that include: 

  • Whirlpool
  • Maytag
  • KitchenAid
  • GE
  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Bosh
  • SubZero
  • Thermador

We will also suggest to you if a replacement is better than repair. We do not charge extra for that. Contact us and visit our site so you will get our best services. So, what are you waiting for? Catch us before it’s too late


KitchenAid Appliance Repair in Dallas:

Do you own a Kitchen or home appliance that has quit working and needs repair in Dallas? KitchenAid makes quality appliances. But like all appliances, they wear out and need repair rarely. New appliances can be costly. By and large, a reasonable repair can add a very long time to your home appliance. We’ve been doing business for a long time, and KitchenAid appliance repair in Dallas is a center capability of our business. We have done many appliances repairs, so we’re sure we can get your KitchenAid appliance repair in Dallas and running again today. 

Most of the time we can give the same or following day service. We are ensuring to perform guarantee, and non-guarantee repairs on all KitchenAid appliance makes and models. Call us directly or book your slot by calling us or directly through the site. Our specialists go through long stretches of preparation and experience before analyzing and starting to lead the pack on a repair. Working with affirm specialists implies your conclusion and repair will do work efficiently and correctly run at first. So, reach us before reaching someone else. We will never disappoint you.

Frigidaire Repair Services in Dallas:

Is it accurate to say that you are baffling that your Frigidaire appliance has quit working or isn’t performing up to its common principles? Assuming this is the case, Annexo can assist with making things right. We offer great Frigidaire Repair Services in Dallas region and have some expertise in various types and models of Frigidaire appliances, with arrangements when same-day. So, as a pioneer in the home machine market in 1918, Frigidaire developed the main sovereign Fridge. The organization has an intriguing history. Today, their items offer to incorporate washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens, and considerably more. 

With an average life expectancy of 10 to 15 years, Frigidaire machines can outperform the business standard by going on for a very long time or more with legitimate upkeep and care. So, if your Frigidaire machine is misbehaving, contact Annexo to offer fast and straightforward assistance instantly. Book a beneficial arrangement on the web or call us today. Further, one of our believed experts will be en-route to your Dallas-region home for a quick and simple Frigidaire Repair Services in Dallas. You can call us anytime and avail our best appliance repair services at your door.

Same Day Appliance Repair in Dallas:

When it comes to clothing, grimy garments are once in a while in short supply. Also, if the fridge is not cooling, we need urgent repair. As we know, having a damaged appliance can be more than badly arranged. Not exclusively are you losing valuable time, but on the other hand, you’re squandering cash. So, this is why our proficient experts are found all through in Dallas. They are prepared to give you a quick, moderate and effective appliance repair so you can return to your life. Our services for a same day appliance repair in Dallas give you the add-on returns whether you need a washer repair, dryer repair, or some other appliance repair: 

  • We service front-loaders, something frequent other repair organizations don’t give. 
  • A nearby specialist can normally see you and repair your appliance the same day you call.
  • There is a two-hour window for activities, so you don’t go through a whole day hanging tight for your clothes washer repair services.
  • A 90-day guarantee on all parts and work.
  • We provide an official and secured specialist that will rapidly assess your damage and give you the right resolve. 

Regardless of whether your clothes washer spills, the dishwasher stops working, electrical wires are damaged, so let us do the grimy work for you. We work on all brands, including Maytag, Whirlpool, Kenmore, GE, and more minor to major. 

We can provide same day appliance repair in Dallas, so we do not have to wait for a long time. Your satisfaction is our guarantee. Because we make a long connection between clients and our experts. So, do not waste more time by finding some extraordinary service providers as we are extraordinary. Call us now to book your slot. We are always here to help you.

Same or next day service

30 day Service Warranty

Military and senior citizen discounts

90 day warranty for electronic parts

Why Choose Us For Appliance Repair in Dallas?

We also aim for the affordability of our services. We realize that pricing is one of the primary things clients ask before they receive a service. We can offer you an estimate as well. Not only do we make our pricing affordable, but we also aim to provide outstanding appliance repair in Dallas. We know that our clients are satisfied with outstanding service and fair rates.

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